Free Booklets

The Bible

  • What is the Bible?

  • Can I trust the Bible?

  • What is the Bible really about?

  • Why should I study the Bible?

  • How do I study the Bible?

This little booklet answers some of these big questions, and will give you a whole new appreciation for the Bible.   View the Bible booklet


Truth To Stand On

  • Do you find your identity in your looks, job, hobbies, ministries, failures, or some other unstable source?

  • Do you long to feel significant, secure, and accepted?

  • Do you wonder how God sees you and what He says about you?

  • Do you struggle with people pleasing?

This little booklet provides you with 61 truths from God’s Word that reveal and reinforce your true identity in Christ.  Quit living in bondage to insecurity, rejection, or failure.  Base your identity on what God says about you.  View the ‘Truth To Stand On’ booklet