Our Core Values

Our Mission and What Makes Us Who We Are

Jesus Christ and His work has made us who we are, and has set us on a mission. The personal love and amazing grace of Jesus Christ motivates us to share His good news with the world around us through our speech as well as our lives. This specifically means building Christ-centered relationships that help one another grow spiritually and pursue Him in all areas of life.

Our Mission

To Display and Declare the Excellencies of Jesus Christ 

Our Method

Develop Disciples Through Christ-Centered Relationships

Our Motivation

The Personal Love and Amazing Grace of Jesus Christ 

Our Core Values

The Gospel

In short, the Gospel is a message of RESCUE. We believe the Gospel is the Good News that we can be rescued from the penalty, power, and presence of sin through faith in Jesus Christ.

This is Good News for those who are spiritually lost and dead, because it gives us the opportunity to become spiritually alive. Eternal life is given as a gift to all who trust in Christ for salvation.

This is Good News for believers who desire freedom from sin’s bondage. Through faith in Christ we can experience a full and abundant life.

This Good News gives believers a reason to have hope for the future, knowing that one day they will be given a new body and a new home that will be free from the influences of sin.


We believe that when a person believes in Jesus Christ for salvation they become a brand new creation. As we learn to live in the new identity given to us by Christ, our lives are transformed. By continuing in this process we become a mature and accurate representation of Jesus Christ. This is the process of growing into a mature Christian.


We believe disciples are those who have placed faith in Christ for eternal life and are now committed to following Him, being transformed by Him, and working to get others “on board” to do the same.

These marks of a disciple can be seen in Matthew 4:19, “Then He said to them, ‘Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men’.”


We believe God makes it very clear in His Word that relationships are of the utmost importance to Him. This becomes evident when we look at the Godhead. He relates with Himself perfectly as 3 Persons in One. From the creation of man—to the incarnation—to the design of the church, relationships have been at the center of God’s workings. Being designed in His image, we were made for relationships and this is how He has chosen to accomplish His work in us, in the church, and in the world.