About Us

Who we are, where we come from, and where we're headed as a church family

Who we are

Paradise Springs Community Church is a group of imperfect people who have been touched by God's amazing grace.

Because of this our mission is to display and declare the excellencies of Jesus Christ. We believe this is best done by building Christ-centered relationships, that produce Christ-like disciples.

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Where we come from

Paradise Springs was founded in 1988, and Rich Cantrell is the second pastor. Over the years we have met in parks, a school, a daycare center, an Elk’s lodge, other church facilities, and rented space in a strip mall. It didn’t seem possible for us to own property, but God had other plans! 

We’ve been at our current location since 2015, originally renting from Grace Asian Community Church. We shared the space, and often worshipped and fellowshipped together. 

In 2018 GACC moved to a new location, and because of their generosity we were able to purchase the property!

Where we're headed

We're committed to growing in our love for God, each other, and our local communities.

What this means for you

What does this mean for you? Most importantly, you're always welcome at Paradise Springs. We're saving a seat for you. Wherever you're at in your faith journey, you'll always be accepted as part of the PSCC family.

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